Ventilation Products

Roofing Ventilation Products


Ventilation is one of the most important aspects of the roof installation as it is one of the key components in eliminating ice damming, increasing the lifetime of the roof, and off course cooling the home on those hot summer days. Dream Exteriors Canada installs and repairs the following roofing ventilation product:

Duraflo Dual Baffle Weather Pro 50 Vent

Capable of ventilating 250 square feet, we recommended this vent for use on small roof areas or in places where it is aesthetically necessary. Example: a garage roof on the front of the home. Available in brown, black and grey color.

Venmar 3 fin vent

Capable of ventilating 1 000 to 1 200 Square foot. This vent is used to ventilate the main roof area. The metal vent has a metal mesh layer on the inside of it, making it impossible for animals to enter. Available in brown, black and grey color.

CT4 Washroom Vent

This vent is connected to the washroom vent pipe inside the attic and is meant for washroom vents that are meant to ventilate through the roof. Available in brown, black and grey color.

Ridge Vent

Installed on roofs that have a cathedral style attic. This ridge vent is hidden under the capping therefore making it very nice in design. This type of ventialation is the best type of ventilation for a roof. Not only does it act as an outtake vent it also acts as in intake vent. These types of vents are critical for cathedral ceilings and attics that need better airflow.

Perforated Soffits:

Just as it’s important to have roof ventilation on a home, it’s equally important to have intake ventilation with your soffits. The two work together to drive out the negative air pressure in your attic. When one is missing it can create several severe issues inside of your attic such a condensation, mould, and poor energy efficiency with your home. On the roof, it can cause the tar line seal to fail which bonds the shingles together and eventually allow the shingles to lift during high winds or other types of storms or even cause premature degranulation.

It’s paramount to make sure the roof and attic system our breathing to ensure longevity and to keep all your warranties valid for the years to come.