Skylights and Suntunnels

Velux Skylights and Suntunnels


Over the past 78 years, Velux has been creating better and brighter living spaces for tens of thousands of Canadian homeowners and millions of people around the world. Velux represents two key principles; VE for ventilation and LUX which is Latin for light. Velux skylights and sun tunnel products are the most technologically advanced products on the market offering solar powered skylights, balcony roof windows, sun tunnel diffusers, modular skylights and fully automated Smart Skylights with intelligent sensor control and solar powered blinds.


The No Leak Skylight!

The Velux No Leak Skylight includes three layers of premium water protection and offers a 20-year seal warranty, 10-year parts warranty, 10-year hail warranty on the laminated glass and a 5-year warranty on blinds and controls. Velux and Deck and Curb mounted skylights are triple coated with energy efficient advanced LoE glass that reduces heat gain or loss and provides better light transmittance. Solar Powered Skylights from Velux also do not require wiring, making it an easier and more cost-effective solution to replace both fixed and manual skylights.


Velux Solar Powered Venting Skylight

The Solar Powered Venting Skylight is easy to open, use and install. It features a solar panel that captures any available daylight and uses it to recharge its highly efficient and fully concealed battery operating and control system. This is the power source that opens and closes the skylight. It also features a built-in rain sensor in the event that you are away from home and inclement weather arises.

Benefits of a Solar Powered Venting Skylight

  1. Convenient: Opens and closes with an easy-to-use remote
  2. Economical: No need for additional and costly wiring or electricity
  3. Fresh Air: Allows fresh air in to your home


Electric Venting Skylight

The Velux Electric Venting Skylights are designed for deck and curb mounted installations and are ideal daylight solutions when considering for new builds and extreme renovation projects. With a simple swipe on the touch screen remote, an abundance of natural light can be let into your home and the skylights can be opened allowing fresh air to circulate. A rain sensor will also automatically close the skylight for you if inclement weather arises and you happen to be away from home. It’s sleek design and low profile also allow it to blend into your roof adding to your homes curb appeal.


Manual Venting Skylight

The Velux Manual Venting Skylight is designed for deck and curb installations and allows homeowners to embrace the ultimate beauty of the nature around them. Recommended for in-reach installations, the manual venting skylight contributes to providing homes with proper moisture balance by allowing stale, humid air to be released and the maximum amount of fresh air in.


Convenient Manual Control

Velux Manual Skylights are easily opened and closed with Velux accessories. When skylights are installed within reach a smooth turning handle is included. For out-of-reach installations the controls rods are sold separately- in this case, consider a Solar Powered or Electric Venting model that comes with an easy to use touch screen remote control and integrated rain sensors that will automatically close the unit in the event inclement weather arises.

Fixed Skylight

Deck and curb mounted Velux Fixed Skylights are easy to install and are a perfect daylighting solution when wanting to expand and transform hallways, stairways and other closed-in, dark spaces with light and sky views. They are also the most inexpensive skylight making them an affordable solution for any home.


Smart Skylight

The Velux Smart Skylight works off of your smartphone to open and close with a simple swipe. It will also automatically close when it senses rain or other inclement weather and is constantly comparing the outdoor elements to the air inside in an effort to create a more comfortable and healthy home atmosphere. Additionally, it reduces the impact on your homes air conditioning costs by releasing heat and uses a solar powered blind system to block out harsh sun rays on hot days. This all-in-one daylighting solution gives you full control right from your smartphone.

Choosing the Right Glass

The Benefits of Laminated Glass

Features Neat® glass coating that keeps your skylight cleaner and leaves the surface virtually spotless for longer periods of time

Reduces outside noise by up to 25% less when compared to standard double pane glass products and up to 50% less compared to plastic skylight products

Velux recommends and building codes also require laminated glass to be used for out of reach applications

Hail Warranty!
Includes a 10-year warranty on laminated glass with Neat® coating on cracking or breakage due to hail


Many homeowners assume that having a flat ceiling hinders the ability to install a skylight in their home.

Watch this short video to see how installing a light shaft that will dramatically change the lighting within your home.




Tempered Glass
(recommended for in-reach applications)

Ordinary glass: water tends to bead more on rough surface, increasing spots and need for cleaning

Clean, Quiet and Safe Glass
(recommended for out-of-reach applications)
The smooth surface disperses water evenly which removes dirt quicker and reduces water spots