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Siding Products

Siding Products

Whether you are looking to replace existing siding or add new there is no better way to increase the curb appeal and energy efficiency of your home! From board and batten, to shake or horizontal siding customers will have a wide variety of design options to choose from!


Haven Insulated Siding

INSULATES AGAINST EVERYTHING BUT JEALOUS NEIGHBORS. Haven® Insulated Siding combines the looks of real wood and the energy efficiency of industry-leading insulation technology. Let’s call it very high tech. Its graphite-enhanced EPS insulation is made with Neopor® from BASF SE. It’s as impressive as it sounds because Neopor helps absorb and reflect radiant heat, which makes Haven’s R-value up to 19% higher than traditional insulated siding. Plus its TXL Lamination distinguishes itself by how uniformly it holds siding and insulation together for a seamless, flat fit. Frankly, all of it sounds impressive.

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Royal Estate

WOODGRAIN PRESENCE. EFFORTLESS ENDURANCE. Estate Siding’s reason for being is to make sure you’ll never again have to trade low maintenance for timeless exterior design and curb appeal. Estate is easy to live with and a no-brainer to love. Its new teardrop lock design ensures it will never cry in the face of wear, tear, wind, rain or snow. And its wide range of UV-resistant colors go out of their way to match virtually any home.

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Royal Residential

HIGH STANDARDS AND LOW MAINTENANCE LIVE HERE. Residential® siding has been tested. Low-gloss wood grain that looks like natural wood? Check. Refusal to warp, buckle or sag? Yup. Roll-top nail hem fit that resists hurricane-force winds? Naturally. 14 UV-resistant colours and a Double Lifetime Warranty that includes hail protection? You bet. Time to put it to the “impressed homeowner” test.

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Royal Woodland

COMES IN 29 SHADES OF “I WANT THAT.” Want to give your customers lots of colours and styles to choose from? Don’t want them to think about maintenance or what will happen to their siding in the face of strong winds and the march of time? Royal® Woodland siding gives you 27 UV-resistant colours that won’t, well, change colour. Plus they come in longer-length 16-foot panels that decrease seams, provide dramatic shadow lines and increase want.

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Portsmouth Shake & Shingles

STUNNING, DISTINGUISHED AND DRAMATICALLY BEAUTIFUL. AND MODEST. Portsmouth Shake & Shingles siding makes homeowners sigh, “gotta have it”—if they could sigh while saying that. It combines jaw-droppingly beautiful form and function, plus real colour, texture and shape options. Your customers will end up with siding that eliminates maintenance and stops traffic and a home exterior with depth and emotion. Yup, we used “exterior,” “depth” and “emotion” in the same sentence.

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Cedar Renditions

Aluminum siding is strong, reliable and durable. We all know that. Well now it’s time to know aluminum siding for being curb appealing and must-see-able. Royal® Cedar Renditions has the look of wood grain with none of the maintenance or flammability issues of wood.

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