Attic Insulation

from Dream Exteriors Canada

Attic Insulation

Save money, improve indoor air quality, increase the comfort of your home and prolong the lifespan of your roof by investing in attic insulation!


Properly sealing and insulating your attic space can be a great investment for your home and is one of the simplest ways to save an average of 30% on utility costs.

Air Quality is another important factor to consider and attic insulation plays a vital role in improving your homes indoor air quality. Poor sealing and under-insulated attic spaces cause air leaks which allows outdoor pollutants to enter and spread throughout your home. Having proper sealing and insulation installed prevents these pollutants from entry, protecting you and your family and allowing you to breathe easier.

Another common reason for adding insulation is to increase the overall comfort of your home. When a house is under-insulated it is more vulnerable to outside temperatures and can become uncomfortable due to heat displacement. Bedrooms that are located on upper levels are also more susceptible to this fluctuation in temperature. Adding insulation to your attic space helps to ensure that the temperature on upper levels of your home stay regulated.

Additionally, and in our expert opinion, ventilation along with adequate insulation are essential to creating an energy efficient attic space and go hand in hand towards contributing to prolonging the lifespan of your roof. Balanced ventilation means having proper intake ventilation (which comes underneath the soffit) and exhaust ventilation (which are the vents on your roof). This creates effective air flow and results in cooler attics during summer and warmer, dryer attics during winter.

We often only see one of these two services being done but it is important to note that when this happens homeowners can never reap the full benefits from the final outcome of their project and it could potentially cause more damage over the years.